Solid Confidence

  I’ve been meaning to write a blog post on confidence for a long time now, not only because of my own path to solid confidence and what this path had taught me but also because I’d been picking up on the fact that a lot of my friends, my family members and a lot […]

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I was walking down the streets of a foreign town in total agony and frustration. I was in a place I had never seen before. Mentally and physically. As my brain was almost internally imploding from the overflow of thoughts and externally from the mediterranean summer heat, my legs were walking towards the sun that was […]

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“Can I have some honey too, please?”, I asked in my flawed Turkish as the waiter served us our traditionally prepared Turkish coffees in little porcelain cups with fine ornaments painted in shades of blue that reminded me of the tiles in the Sultan tombs of Hagia Sophia. The cups were placed on equally beautiful and […]

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Walnut Trees

I was sitting on these old white plastic chairs on our balcony facing my family’s garden with its wide range of flowers and trees. Istanbul’s warm summer breeze was rushing through the green leaves of all the trees in our garden, eventually reaching the slightly sweaty surface of my tan skin. It was another boiling day of […]

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The Lovers

As snow was falling to the ground, most people were in their warm homes, sheltered in their houses with great amounts of freshly baked and cooked food. Some houses radiated warmth not only with candlelight, their artificial lighting that shone in different shades of soft yellow and their fireplaces of various sizes but also with […]

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